It actually poured for a couple of minutes and rained slowly for maybe 15 minutes...cooled off from 97 degrees to 79 degrees in 30 minutes...And our deck was completed in only 4 days. Good for Armadillo Enterprises!!


tinker said…
Glad it cooled down for you. Wish we could get some rain again here, too.
I like your bright flower.
tinker said…
Doh! I was looking at half of your banner (the comment box was covering the other half) when I typed in flower - which is a LEMON, of course, to go with your Zest! What I meant was I like your bright lemon.
I'm about as red in the face as your banner now :)
Kai said…
Rain makes the flowers grow tall and sweet.. Thankyou for your sweet comments on my blog!!
Peace, Kai.
Gemma said…
Missed you when you were not blogging....glad you are back.

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