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Looking out to the east.
Looking southeast.
Fabric collage for rmmga.

Today the new construction company in the area, Armadillo Enterprises, are finishing our deck in the back. It will cover most of the back yard!! They just started two days ago, taking the old deck down and putting this one up. The owners are local young people who have business degrees from Tarleton (where John is attending and majoring in business). They are quick, steady, and knowledgable, and I think their business will grow. Anyone in Stephenville, Granbury, or Mineral Wells who might be interested can call them at 254.485.2399 for an estimate.

I am also putting together a fabric collage as a prize for the rmmga's TX-7 gathering in Wimberley, Texas, in October. The vet is coming at 1:00 pm to give the animals their shots...great vet, Jacqueline Talley, who knows animals well and does house calls!

So that's today.

Tonight Raf will perform at H2JO atg 7:30. Hope to see some of you out then.


Pam Aries said…
Howdy Sioux! I was thinking about you! I haven't seen you on Violette's lately! I see you are as busy as ever! Have a fabulous day! peace ans Love..Pam

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