Feather from ?

Feather from ?
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We found this feather today. Can anyone identify what bird it might be from?

I realize it has been ages since I have blogged, and I hope to get back to it now ~∞:>


Lin said…
Hey Sioux!! Missed you and glad you're back! Not sure about the feather ... Goldfinch maybe?
Teri C said…
First of all, it is SO good to see you here again! We missed you.

I am also not sure who that feather belongs to. It looks quite long and you do have a lot of different birds in TX. No help here either.
Michelle said…
Missed you! I have no idea about the feather, other than it is so pretty.
marybeth said…
My guess (based on googling it, not any knowledge of birds) would be a cedar waxwing tail feather but they're usually father north this time of year.
Sioux said…
The feather was found in a wood pile my husband was moving, so it had been there a while...so it could have been a cedar waxwing. http://www.birds.cornell.edu/AllAboutBirds/BirdGuide/Cedar_Waxwing.html Thanks!!

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