Christianity was in Washington yesterday

President Bush's inauguration was filled with the Spirit of God. From Whitley Phelps' rendition of Heal Our Land and Guy Hovis' Let the Eagle Soar to Susan Graham's Bless This House, our nation witnessed what our Founding Fathers had proclaimed: this is one nation, under God, with freedom and justice for all. Both President Bush and Vice-President Cheney were sworn in with their hands on their respective family's Bible.

Not only did the President's speech contain the word freedom 27 times, but at one point he noted "
Americans at our best value the life we see in one another and must always remember that even the unwanted have worth." I chose to hear in that the cry to oppose abortion!

There were many prayers said during the inauguration and the events preceeding and following it. The band played God of Our Fathers, and the Reverend Kerby John Calwell evoked Jesus Christ to bless the nation.

President Bush's Address was said, by commentators, to be the most powerful an American president has given, a dazzling speech, in the likeness of Abraham Lincoln, who Bush quoted.

To all this I can only add: God is blessing American! We must keep God in us, as Americans, if we are to retain the the freedom about which the President spoke.


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