Bill Cosby -- Role Model and Educator

It appears that Bill Cosby is accused of sexual misconduct, a year ago. His accuser went to Canada before reporting the alleged abuse. Don't all cowards go to Canada?

The accuser is not named...she doesn't have the courage to even tell her name; she waited a year to accuse.

Does this make sense? It surely doesn't, to me! Unless you suspect that this un-named woman wants money or notarity.

In this day and time, it appears that one of the tremendous pleasure of many people is to shoot down, through words, the great people of the present time...and those of the past, as well.

This man has done more for Black people in America than others who claim to do much. He is an icon for family values, for good clean humor, and for the productive, free American way of life.

Shame on this un-named woman...and all others who endeavor to injure, through words, those people who are making a positive difference in the lives of those around them.


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