Unsung Saints

I know, O my God, that you put hearts to the test and that you take pleasure in uprightness.  ~ (1 Chr 29:17)

As we were reading Evening Prayer last night, this quote was made:  "The world is full of 'unsung saints' who achieve no public success but who persevere in living upright lives that accomplish the greatest of goals: to see and dwell with God always.

 Last Sunday we attended All Saint's Anglican Parish in Weatherford, Texas, where we were confirmed over 20 years ago.  It was very comforting to be in the presence of so many of those unsung saints.  It was very comforting to once again chant the Psalms, to be with other people who use the same quiet pious customs such as always bowing at the name of Jesus.  They aren't things we "have" to do, not things that will "save us", but they are things we were taught and which put me in a more worshipful frame of mind.

It is also nice to see a church which is quiet, where people don't visit during and before worship.  Where we talk to God and not to each other.  That helps me as well.

I am searching for places where I may worship quietly and prayerfully.  This goes back to what I said the other day about life being too short - too short to do things with which we are uncomfortable.  Too short to be around people and things in church that tense me up rather than calm me down.  Too short to be around drama, drama, drama.

My friend, Annie Jefferies, who recently visited us on the way to mission in Missouri, shared with me the Catholic Women's Devotional Bible published by Zondervan.  While I have read the Bible, I have never done it cover-to-cover, front-to-back, and with the daily devotionals I am finding this a wonderful thing to do in my search.

So, as I endeavor to strive toward a more upright, calm, peaceful life, I know I must be focus on God and what is good and pray for the rest.

Dear Lord, show us your face in the goodness of those who live the Gospel and strengthen us to encourage one another to follow your ways.  Amen.


Barbara said…
Interesting Sue. We have two lots of friends who have moved from the charismatic scene to very orthodox Anglican set-ups in their old age.

As for ourselves, we love the family atmosphere of our community with a great sense of community across the generations. Hope you find what you are looking for.

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