Sunday, October 31, 2010

Double J Hacienda and Art Ranch in Mineral Wells

If you want a great musical experience, you should come to the Double J Hacienda and Art Ranch in Mineral Wells, Texas. Last night we heard Nancy Apple, the Queen of Memphis! We were welcomed by Jimmy Baldwin. He and Nancy have both been nominated for a Grammy! After the show, Jimmy, Nancy, my Raf, and a couple of other guys played a couple of hours in a song circle. Wow...what an evening!

Here is Jimmy's Peace, Love and Chicken-fried Steak. Order it for a dollar on iTunes. That dollar goes to the Make a Wish Foundation:

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Day In Graham

Yesterday we went to Graham, Texas, to take birthday gifts to our 12-year-old grandson, Travis. He is the youngest of our grandchildren. Isn't he handsome!
Travis and his family have two cats. This is Angel...a male cat they found that had been abused. Angel weighs in access of 20 pound...of solid cat.
These next two are photos are of Stripes. Stripes is a very long, strong male tabby.
Before we went to see Travis, we went to the ghost town of Gooseneck, Texas, on the Gooseneck Bend of the Brazos River south of Graham on highway 1287. Buried in the Gooseneck Cemetery is one James James, also known as Double Jimmy, who fought in the War of 1812 and died at the age of 114.

And Finally:

This was a very good day!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Back Again...Day Two

Well, here I am again. Endeavoring to meet my goal of blogging every day until December 31, when I hope it will be habitual! I thought a jack-o-lantern was in order today as we are very close to Halloween.

Have you noticed the different colors and shapes of pumpkins now? Back in the day when I was a kid, the were round and orange. Now they are every shape, and they are black, gray, blue, green, white, and, occasionally, orange!

If you have not seen this video, it will enhance your feeling about fall and pumpkins

Today we are going to Graham, Texas, to take our grandson, Travis, his belated birthday gifts. He is, like I am, a Yankees fan, and I was able to find an antique copy of the book Lucky to be a Yankee by Joe DiMaggio. I loved that book as a kid. We also got him the American Boys Handibook ca. 1890 and a book of Sherlock Holmes stories. Hope he enjoys them.

In addition, we plan to go by Gooseneck, Texas, a ghost town on the Brazos River south of Graham. I am starting a book on obscure ghost towns of Texas.

Now, I need to begin cleaning my studio...once again. When the electricians put in the new air-conditioner/heater, they left a right mess.

Until next time....

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Getting My Grove Back

Well, it has been over 10 weeks since surgery. Interestingly, senses have slowly begun to come back, and finally I am able to read, quite quickly, and I am beginning to draw again, quite slowly. Since our oldest granddaughter, Dani', is about to turn 17, I decided to "tangle" a card for her. This was not very creative and slow going, but, as my daddy, John McBee Ficke, used to say, "One day at a time."

Yesterday we went to Fort Worth...the longest trip we have made since either of our surgeries. We left after lunch. We went to the liquor store (not one in our little burg) and to the health food store (ours is too expensive and does NOT carry Raf's special vitamins without vitamin K). Then we went to Michael's for gold leaf for a picture frame Raf is making with a photo he shot for a wedding gift. Then we stopped by a very small park (our Secret Garden) near TCU for some drawing and photographing and on to Barnes and Noble for books. Next we ate at our favorite Fort Worth restaurant, Lili's Bistro on Magnolia, and finally ended the day buying meat, bread, etc. at Central Market. We were (are) exhausted, but it was a spectacular, wonderful, restful day...after so much "cabin fever" of Mineral Wells!

This was the first thing I did upon coming out of the surgery stupor this week.
This birdie was the second...oh, well, at least I tried!
This was one of the barriers through which to see the world from our Secret Garden.

So, God willin' and the crick don't rise, I am going to endeavor to post each day. My goal is a post each day until December then I hope it will be a habit.

I am also going to do the NANOWRIMO in November and get a second novel underway. We are still looking for a literary agent for the first, Back to the Brazos. If you know someone who is reputable and works with the mystery genre, let me know! I have finished the pictorial history called Mineral Wells for Arcadia Publishing, and Raf and I hope to do one on Palo Pinto County next year. And one on little known ghost towns of Texas. I have three speaking engagements lined up starting next week, also. AND Raf has his new CD out, Used Cows, which can be purchased online at CD Baby. It is also on Amazon and iTunes. So, we are being somewhat productive!

Until tomorrow...God bless you all and be sure to VOTE!!!


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