Back Again...Day Two

Well, here I am again. Endeavoring to meet my goal of blogging every day until December 31, when I hope it will be habitual! I thought a jack-o-lantern was in order today as we are very close to Halloween.

Have you noticed the different colors and shapes of pumpkins now? Back in the day when I was a kid, the were round and orange. Now they are every shape, and they are black, gray, blue, green, white, and, occasionally, orange!

If you have not seen this video, it will enhance your feeling about fall and pumpkins

Today we are going to Graham, Texas, to take our grandson, Travis, his belated birthday gifts. He is, like I am, a Yankees fan, and I was able to find an antique copy of the book Lucky to be a Yankee by Joe DiMaggio. I loved that book as a kid. We also got him the American Boys Handibook ca. 1890 and a book of Sherlock Holmes stories. Hope he enjoys them.

In addition, we plan to go by Gooseneck, Texas, a ghost town on the Brazos River south of Graham. I am starting a book on obscure ghost towns of Texas.

Now, I need to begin cleaning my studio...once again. When the electricians put in the new air-conditioner/heater, they left a right mess.

Until next time....


Janet said…
That video was great! The big cats play around just like my smaller house cats....and I would never have thought about giving them a pumpkin to play with.

Good luck on the blogging every day thing. I try but I fail miserably!!
judie said…
Ooooh. Ghost towns sounds like a good read. How's Raf doing with his CD? I'm expecting to see him any time now on Austin City Limits. Let me know if it happens so I dont miss it! xoxo
gemma said…
Glad you are back Sioux...Enjoying your sketches. I'd like to try blogging everyday but some days I'd like to quit blogging altogether lol.
Best wishes to you.
Love to you and Raf
Kate said…
Loved the video, I am sending to my daughter who loves cats..

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