A Day In Graham

Yesterday we went to Graham, Texas, to take birthday gifts to our 12-year-old grandson, Travis. He is the youngest of our grandchildren. Isn't he handsome!
Travis and his family have two cats. This is Angel...a male cat they found that had been abused. Angel weighs in access of 20 pound...of solid cat.
These next two are photos are of Stripes. Stripes is a very long, strong male tabby.
Before we went to see Travis, we went to the ghost town of Gooseneck, Texas, on the Gooseneck Bend of the Brazos River south of Graham on highway 1287. Buried in the Gooseneck Cemetery is one James James, also known as Double Jimmy, who fought in the War of 1812 and died at the age of 114.

And Finally:

This was a very good day!


Hi Sioux!! Yes indeed, Travis IS a very handsome fellow. Soon, the girls'll be knocking down each other to get his attention, if not already.

I love going through cemeteries. I bet that was a very interesting walk-through.

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