VBS 2008 is Done

St. Luke's Vacation Bible School is over. And a miracle happened! We have one child who attends regularly, but this outreach program brought in 17 children! Some new, and some who have attended previously. We also had 13 adults attending. It was wonderful. Here Raf is playing as the girls lead with the song, Jesus Loves the Little Children. This week has been such a blessing for Raf and me and for the entire parish. God is Good!


Don't you love VBS? Jack and I used to pick up kids for VBS a long time ago.
Felisol said…
Dear Sioux Sue,
to hear little girls sing; "Jesus loves the little children,"oh, that's so wonderful pure and confident.
I can hear it in my head now, and know; you cannot give a richer gift to the up growing generations than the childish trust in Jesus.
What an important work Raf and yourself are doing.
You are living and the passing on the gospel.
God bless the both of you.
From Felisol
What a good report. I pray for those 17 girls and that God has touched their lives in a powerful, never to be forgotten way!!! By their fruits we shall know them!!
Dawn said…
I love reading about everyone's VBS all ove blogland!

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