Texas Weather

Yesterday we had the better part of a foot of snow. The day before it was in the 60˚F's, the day before that is was in the middle 30˚F's with a light dusting of snow. The day before that in the low 80˚F's. Right now it is 28˚F! Tomorrow it is supposed to be 72˚F! I have seen lots of snow photos, especially from friends in Canada, so I thought you guys really needed to see what it was like in Texas in the winter.

These photos were taken looking east from our blue room...where our tv and lap tops are located. The cats went out once each yesterday, except Gus who is far too old to be out in the snow. The birds were abundant and glorious. There were finches, of several kinds, woodpeckers, cardinals, titmice, chickadees, and several varieties of doves, with robins and blue jays. The raccoons invaded the outdoor cat's food, as well.

And we rested after a week and a half of too much rushing. It was a peaceful, quiet day.

A winter wonderland in Texas!


Robyn said…
And here was I picturing Texas as all cowboys and deserts and spikey cactus! Shows how wrong I can be! What a picture postcard landscape.
PEA said…
Good morning dear Sue:-)

We have had snow for the last 4 months and I am soooo sick of it but I can appreciate how exciting it would be to have snow in your part of the world since you don't usually get much of it! It certainly does look pretty doesn't it:-) It's absolutely frigid here this morning so I'm staying inside where it's nice & warm and visiting all my blogging friends. That always warms my heart:-) xox
Pam Aries said…
Woo woo! Snow! I haven't talked to you in FORever! Sorry,,,I thought you were coming to Sedona? hope you ar enjoying all that snow! Are you still arting and crafting?
Dawn said…
I have heard about the snow down there, and in Arkansas. It is like the nutso weather we have in Colorado - as my kindergarten granddaughter said, "It's a pattern, Grandma - cold, warm, cold, warm . . . "

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