Now or Never

Listen to what Newt says here. He is right, and because of what he is saying and because of what the "so called" Christian churches are NOT doing (i.e., The Episcopal Church in the United States saying Christ is not the only way to salvation and that the Bible does not mean what it says), because of all these humanistic, unrealistic life styles in the USA and in the Free World, I am afraid.

We MUST fight back, we MUST NOT roll over and play dead, we MUST NOT be the silent majority, or there will be none of us left. We MUST stand up for what we believe, both as Christians and Jews and as citizens of the United States of America...or there will be nothing left for either of those grandchildren Newt spoke of, or for yours and for mine.

Christ Is Risen. Celebrate this by standing up and being counted! By showing our Faith and our Patriotism.


We really do need to stand up for what we believe!
Sue, thank you SOOO much for posting this!!!! Could you please tell me how to put it on my blog so I can do so, too? I do not know how to do the U-tube videos. I would appreciate it if you can, if not I understand :o)
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