Memorial Service for John Clifford Seibert

Today dawned bright and clear. When we got up it was 32˚F when we woke up at 8 am, but by the time of the memorial service it was in the 50's˚. When we first got up we ate breakfast at La Peep, 5133 Harding Pike Ste B6, on West End. It was soooo much better than the Pancake Pantry. The French Toast was wonderful! And notice the art!
When we got to Harpeth Hills, as I said, the sun was shining brightly, and the room soon filled up with, I'm guessing, 50+ people. Raf was able to reconnect with his college friend, Ron Johnson (no, not my cousin, another Ron Johnson). Ron lives and teaches in San Francisco.
The funeral home had a looped video of photos of John's life and a table with photos and remembrances of John, including a book Raf gave John about John, Raf, Dan Kimpel, and Jeff Traintime's band, Diamond Reo.
Raf and Mattie here remembering John.
Raf talked some about his brother and sang Let it be Me by the Everly Brothers that he and John had sung.
Kathy Mattea sang Amazing Grace. I didn't mention this yesterday online because I'm sure she didn't want it advertised.
Kathy's husband, John Vezner, a Grammy winner in his own right, sang a song he had written for his mother.
Many people spoke about John, and my feeling about AA changed a lot. Jesus Christ was spoken of in a way I didn't realize was significant for AA, and today John would have received his 16-year-pin which Mattie gave to one of his friends.

Tonight we are meeting Ron Johnson for dinner at his hotel, so that he and Raf can do some more catching up.

We leave early in the morning for home...hope the rain holds off until we get there.


I am so glad his home going was so wonderful! Please be careful on the drive home! Wave when you go past Missouri!
nannykim said…
Hope you have a safe trip home; I too attended a memorial service today and another one tomorrow. The one today was a rich blessing of the testimony of Christ's power in a life that was so hard because of being physically crippled.

Hey, I am Anglican in heart--but our church still is Episcopal Church(hope I spelled it correctly--I tend to spell it wrong every time). We will see what happens. I know Bishop Lawrence wants to light a torch for Christ ;-). Let me know what happens to your church as time goes on!!
Thanks for your comment on my 1 year anniversary. Come back by and ask me a question so your name will be in the drawing for my little give-away. Thanks!
Dawn said…
Sounds like quite a trip, and a lovely memorial service. Hope you have a good trip home!
Have a safe journey home.
judie said…
My sympathies for your loss, Sioux. Fantastic art at La Peep! Be warm and safe. xoxoxo
Susie said…
Sorry I haven't been by to visit lately. My sincere sympathy on the loss of your brother in law. His service sounds very meaningful.
Safe travels.
lila said…
What a lovely lservice! I think it is so good to have these opportunities to connect with our friends and families.
You mentioned stopping in Arkadelphia...that is where I went to high school and college, met MR. Pear there! Our 40 th high school reunion is coming right up!!!!
AnnieElf said…
Dear Sioux. My condolences on the passing of your brother in law. Blessings to all of you.
david mcmahon said…
Hope you have a safe trip home. Thanks so much for the visit and the lovely commnt on my blog.

Take care
Jim said…
Hi Sue -- That was a long trip. My brother-in-law and wife live just north of Jackson, he is complaining about their weather.

I see you are home (MySpace) and I am glad too. Driving under those conditions is hectic.

The nice thing about funerals is that everyone gets together, really just an unplanned family reunion. We had five family ones last year.
And the older we get the more we will go to, until we are in such poor health we have to stay home.
smilnsigh said…
Hope you update again, soon...

smilnsigh said…
If he is on his way to being a sniper, I hope he finds some way to remove himself from it. I am sickened by how these men are expected to function rationally, with extreme sleep deprivation. -sigh-

I know that covering up, was wrong. I know. But it starts with inhumane expectations of our Military.

Flassie's Fil'a said…
Thanks for your Prayers for my Son and Your Kindness Sioux!!!

Have a Blessed Happy Fun
Creative Thinking Healthy Year!!!

Drive Safely!!!
Susie Q said…
Oh Sioux. I am so sorry about the loss of Raf's brother. The service seems to have been so lovely. I love Kathy Mattea's voice and can only imagine how moving it was to hear her sing Amazing Grace.

I am glad you are home safely. I do adore that part of TN but know all too well about icy roads this time of year there.

Stay well dear Sioux.


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