Cold as the Rain in rain, just cold

This morning we got out late and ate at the Pancake Pantry in Hillsboro Village. I had apricot-lemon pancakes and bacon, and Raf ate eggs, toast, sausage, and hash browns. All was delicious. Then we tootled over to Cotton Music on the other side of the street so Raf could look and pick up a humidifier for his guitar, which he'd forgotten. Then to Plaza Art for pens, paper for me, mat board for a photo contest Raf is entering.
We met Mattie, John's friend, at her office, Big Tractor, and went to Ted's Montana Grill for a late lunch. We were still full, so Raf had boiled shrimp and I had clam chowder.
We drove by Centennial Park so I could take a photo of the Parthenon for Lottie!
Then we also drove out to the cemetery. Isn't it beautiful? It's very close to the Harpeth River, a river Raf and I have loved for so many, many years. Look out over the Middle Tennessee Hills. It is glorious, even in the cold of winter.

Tonight we ate at an Dan McGuinness Irish Pub, and the pub grub was and chips, and Raf had Harp on tap! Now we are resting for the morrow. God bless you all.


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