Thanksgiving with the Seiberts and Friends

Ok, so I'm not posting much, and I'm not visiting blogs very often, but I am writing for NANOWRIMO...and it's almost over, and I have 46000+ words, so I'm good to go, am going to finish it, and Raf is going to do re-writes, and we plan to publish is, or give it a good shot anyway! And I'm about 1/2 through with Christmas gifts which I will photograph and show AFTER Christmas...and that's why no one is allowed in the studio! So there!!

But we did have a ball at Thanksgiving, first at our house with 16 present Thanksgiving night and second on Saturday at the Moline Ranch...16 present then, too!

And here's the proof:John, Joey, and Beth...yep, the Marines landed!
Raf, Brian, Christi, and Darrell
Brooke, Carolyn, and Travis
The meal...Brooke, Margaret, Beth, Jen
Travis, Christi, and John...laughing
Beth and the Turtle getting ready for Christmas
Joey and Coley
Pies and cranberry compote
Visiting...Margaret, Brian, John, Raf, Barney
Loving and taking photos ... Barney, Beth, Christi, Travis, Jen
Oh, Christmas tree...the kids put it up, directed by John, of course. Thanks, kids!!
Jake away from the crowd

Raf and Brian

And at the Moline RanchKathy
Will, Charlotte, and Dorothy with their puppy
Raf singing and playing Will's guitar
Kate and Kayla
Joanna, 'Kinsey, and Kayla

What a blessed and wonderful weekend we had. As Tiny Tim said, "God bless us, everyone."



What a lovely time you all had! i am happy to see you back and glad you had such a wonderful weekend.
Lynn said…
My favorite is The Two of Us! Lots of Thanksgiving going on. Now, more Happy Holidays....
And best wishes for 2008!
Your Cousin
Anonymous said…
Family, friends and fun served with lots of love. You all are great friends! Louise
vicci said…
Glad you had a wonderful looks warm and cozy...lots of love...and good food...can't get much better than that! :-)
Dawn said…
What a lot of picture loading! Looks like a good time was had by everyone - with more to come!
Susie Q said…
I am so glad you had such a wonderful time dear Sioux! Loved seeing the pictures and am so glad Joey was able to come home and be with all of you!

Have a sweet Friday!

Jenny said…
That's so cool!! I'm glad Joey was able to come and you got some awesome photos. I'm AMAZED at how many pics you got. I'm glad you didn't kill Joey like you said you were going to!!! ^_^ Well, I guess the next time I'll see you is Christmas.

Love ya Grandma!
PEA said…
Now that is what Thanksgiving and Christmas is all, friends and good food:-) I so enjoyed seeing all the pictures, everyone looked like they were having a marvelous time! Miss you but know how busy you've been. xoxo
mrsnesbitt said…
Sounds and looks like a great time.

violette said…
What a fun thanksgiving you had Sioux! Great photos!

Congrats on finishing the nano challenge! Horray for you!
Love violette
Lisa said…
Sure looks like a wonderful holiday time! Congrats on NaNoWriMo!!!! I want a signed copy. :)

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