A Quick Hello

Just a minute to tell everybody hi and thanks for coming by. I'm writing every day, sewing, crocheting, and making other Christmas gifts, too. Planning to attend our Diocesan Convention and attending preparatory meetings and Masses associated with it. Please pray for God's will to be done. Keep up-to-date with Father Foster's blog.

Our family is all well and happy, and I send you all my love. Joey is at Camp Lejeune. John is at Tarleton with a 3.8. Kathi's 42nd birthday was yesterday, Nov. 11. Dani was 14 this month, and Jen will be 12 soon.

I will visit blogs and post to each of you individually after Nov. 30.

Kimber Manning
found this and posted it to her myspace. It's too cool.

God bless you all.


Dawn said…
Thanks for catching us up! Sounds like you're really busy, but happy.
Hi sweetie! So very glad to see you my dear friend! Love and huggles!
Gemma said…
Just stopped to say "hi Souix"
sending love
Anonymous said…
Thanks Sioux for the NaNoWriMo
info over at Violette's. I seen
Cande wanted the word counter
info when I went to her blog.
So I thought I'd ask at Violette's.

Have a Blessed Month!

Flassie's Fil'a
smilnsigh said…
Be well Dear Sue. Don't worry about blogging. We truly understand Real Life. I do, for sure.

have a wonderful wednesday whereever you are Sioux xx

PEace, Kai
Dawn said…
I trust that God will lead the proceedings and have His way!
Felisol said…
Dear Sioux Sue,
Don McLean's story about America really got to me. (I love his song about Van Gogh as well.)
The UTube video surely was clever made. Made a foreigner catch more of the points of this compressed Us storytelling.

Joey sure has gone far in this few month I've learned about him.

My first cousin and her husband (and three at that time very young boys)came to stay for three years at Camp Lejeune August 2001.
We were not at all happy the next month.
The husband being a colonel at that time even served for a year in Afghanistan after bringing his family home.
We hated that.
I feel strongly about sending innocent young men to such horrible places.
Nevertheless they are both brave and fine boys serving their country so unselfishly.
I keep praying for Joey.
Yours Felisol
Susie Q said…
You sound busy but a happy and content busy! I am so glad dear Sioux!

I send hugs and good wishes!


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