After Two Weeks

In case you've been wondering exactly where Raf and I have been spending a portion of each day for the past two weeks, wonder no more.  I was prescribed antibiotic infusions for my ongoing UTI that has been plaguing me since last February.  

Since neither Mineral Wells, nor Weatherford, has an infusion clinic, I had the option of driving an hour into Fort Worth in city traffic each day or going up to Graham, Texas, a forty-minute trip with little traffic.

And what did I choose?  Graham, of course.  Our daughter, Christi, recommended Harmony House, and it was an excellent recommendation.  The staff is great, and the treatment is very personal and professional, all at the same time.

Each of my treatments took about thirty minutes, so the driving was the longer problem.  I had my picc line installed at Palo Pinto General Hospital (this could have been done in Fort Worth, too, but - no thanks), and it was removed a Harmony House.

Two weeks of antibiotics makes you wonder what's worse, the disease or the cure, but it's over now, and after a few days of rest - from the antibiotic and the driving - we will both be right as rain.

I see Dr. Rojas next Wednesday for a follow-up, and, God willing, this will be a thing of the past.

I thank all of you for your prayers and support.  

God is good!

Harmony House is located at 1309 Brazos Street, Graham, Texas 76450.  The telephone number is 940-549-2223, and the fax number is 940-549-5411.  If you need infusions, you can't beat Harmony House!


Anne Jeffries said…
So glad to read that things are looking up for you, Sue.
Sue said…
I'm so happy for you--what a relief to have that behind you.
What a long drive, but I guess it could have been worse.
Hope you're feeling better
Barbara said…
Well I don't know what UTI is Sue but I guess it must be some sort of infection. Do hope all is now well. What a different it makes though to be able to go to such a comforting place for your treatment.

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