In the Garden Right Now

Project Feederwatch was showing how to make bird feeders for home schoolers.  This is one we did when the boys were in Cub Scouts.  Of course, this is not the first peanut butter log we every made, but we put one out summer and winter, along with the other bird feed, and it really gets the birds!
 Our tomatoes are going for the second season.  We have about 30 on one bush right now.
 We have several Chrysanthemums about the garden which are getting into their autumn blooms.
 These Zenias have re-seeded and new flowers are appearing!

 More Mums here.
 Another zenia, plus the tiny zenias that look more like daisies.

Watch for an excerpt from Home to the Brazos soon!


judie said…
It's wonderful that your backyard is so inviting to birds and butterflies and other little creatures. :) Pretty flowers.
Barbara said…
That is certainly an unusual bird feeder and tomatoes this time of year!!

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