This Week's Adventures

We haven't been too adventuresome this week.  We decided to visit friends in the country rather than go on a day trip this week, so yesterday we drove north on Union Hill Cemetery Road, although we didn't go all the way to the cemetery.
We crossed Turkey Creek, seeing no turkeys, but we did recall that when our daughters were young the boys used to take them out there to a very dilapidated bridge and tell them all sorts of ghost stories!
 The ranch gate is made of native stove, and the ranch is an absolutely lovely spread with fields, pastures, and tanks fill with fish (tanks are what our northern brethren call farm ponds).  And we had a lovely visit with some of the nicest people you could ever meet!
We did meet some new friends on our way back to town.  They seemed as interested in us as we were in them.
Almost home we came upon one of our favorite vistas - looking down into the Millsap Valley where our town of Mineral Wells is located.  On the right at the break in the Pinto Hills you can see our famed Baker Hotel - where ghost tours are taken each Saturday

Also, I wanted share with our my cleaned up studio/office.  Thanks to Michael Nobbs' encouragement I took it a little at a time and got it the way I want it.  I hope to keep it this way, now.  By the way, you can see our Turtle cat in several of the photos.  She loves to stroll around at the top!

 With my Glitter Sisters, a group started by Violette Clark quite a few years ago, I exchanged faeries.  The top was made by Kate; the other made by Gemma!

And here you can see two books I am thoroughly enjoying, Danny Gregory's An Illustrated Journey and Beckah Krahula's One Zentangle a Day.  Here's Art and Soul Radio's interview with Beckah.  Here is Danny's interview with Liz Steel.
And today I opened a Valentine from a childhood friend and her husband to Raf and me.  What a lovely surprise!

All-in-all, this has been a good week.  Tonight we have Stations of the Cross at church, and Raf has photography club and choir practice.  A good week, all told!

See ya!


Felisol said…
Hello Sue,
Nice hearing from you again. It seems that you are as busy as ever before. It's a good thing. I admire your new studio and your elegant cat.
I spy An Illustrated Journey! I'm just getting started reading mine...and love to learn about all the different approaches. Hope you're enjoying yours as well!
Sue in the Wood said…
HOOTIN ANNI said… a neighbor Texan. I was just through Mineral Wells this past Autumn...beautiful country.

Your tortoise kitty is so precious. I love cats.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit, and taking the time to leave a comment Sue.
judie said…
How in the world did your cat get way up there without knocking something over. Animals are amazing. The fairies are adorable. I'm really glad you are back blogging. :)
Jim said…
Hi Sue ~~ You sure beat me to it, looking up old friends' blogs.

Thank you for peeking in on me. I have been posting this month pictures and some explanations of the sights we saw on our New Zealand and Australia cruise and then three days and nights in Sydney afterwards.
Jim's New Zealand and Australia posts

I need a nudge to get my office and ham shack cleaned up. It has little trails to where I HAVE TO GO but lots of places I can't get to. Your studio/office looks sooo good now!!! Turtle looks right at home there. (BTW, Adi, our beagle therapy dog died in September.)
Sue in the Wood said…
Thanks for the comments! I was a job, Jim! Judie, she DOES knock over stuff, but she is better since I cleaned up! Yes, MW is beautiful, Anni
mrana said…
What a wonderful drive. And I love your studio, it looks like you have tons of creative fun there, as does the cat! :)
Janet said…
I enjoyed the photos of the drive to the ranch...beautiful countryside. And your studio looks fantastic!! It must be a fun place to spend time. You're braver than I am though...I don't let my cats climb on anything in the studio. They can come in and sleep in their corner but that's all.
Barbara said…
Your studio/office looks just the place for a cat to roam.

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