Our Joey in Afghanistan

Here is a photo of our Joey in Afghanistan. He is doing well, I believe, and we are praying for his safety. One of our friend's grandson was just severely injured in Iraq. His name is Joshua. Please pray for both these boys as they fight/fought for American freedom. If anyone is interested in sending Joey a card, email me at siouxcitysue@att.net,and I will send you his address.


gemma said…
Didn't know your grandson was in Afghanistan. Sending good thoughts and prayers to him and to all who are serving our country and the world.
Much Love
PEA said…
Bless his heart for being in Afghanistan, my prayers have been added to those of the others that he stays safe and returns home soon!! I worry myself silly about all those men and women over there and I don't even know them so I can well imagine how much you worry about Joey! Send me his address please, Sue, and I will send him a card:-) xoxo

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