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Raf, as most of you know, is my husband and a musician and photographer. He belongs to several guitar and photo graphic groups, and one music group in particular, rmmga, have face-to-face meetings from time-to-time. We have made some delightful friends at these long friends, more like family. And it is my understanding that these events are for music politics, no religion! We understand that we may disagree, but for the day or the weekend, we choose not to discuss our disagreements, but, rather, to enjoy music.

Recently, via Facebook, which, as blog-land, is an open forum for opinion, several of these musicians could not suppress their liberality, and left comments on statements one of us had made, taking what we said as a personal affront....and adding an, "I won't be your friend, any more."

I am an artist and am on several groups, some of which also have met face-to-face, and I have enjoyed these encounters immensely, but when, on Facebook, I made a statement of personal Christian belief, I was told by once artist friend, something to the effect that if I really felt what I say, she would just unfriend me...which she did.

My problem with all of this is that we are all going to disagree about something...even the closest friends and family, but I cannot understand the vehemence and anger that is expressed. It seems so schoolyard-like.

There are people we can influence, and there are people we cannot. Why can't we simply agree to disagree about certain things...and enjoy art and music for their sakes alone. I have my beliefs; you have yours. It doesn't make us bad people to disagree. It just makes us, well, human.

Hey, this is an open forum...what do you think?


trailbee said…
You have a very valid point. At one time, when I first began my blog, I wanted to do it for my grandchildren and children. Then I realized that google runs blog names and people stop by and look and read and either leave comments or just ignore the post. I have family in Canada which is socialist. I am an American citizen, a capitalist. Several members of my family regularly check my blog. You can see where this is going, right? I would so love to speak my mind on my blog, but can't, for fear of offending one of my relatives; as I remember vividly the intensity of someone's reaction to another friend's post one day over Calif. Prop. 8. I have another blog, so to speak, it is attached, but only visible if you know where to look. In it, I have put in all my art and school things, and included my recent surgery. However, I believe that heartfelt personal opinions would not be appreciated there, either.
I think our feelings are running so high right now, and ran rampant for eight years right after 9/11, that we have forgotten how to be civil to each other; and there is a good chance that this is an art we shall never be able to retrieve, willingly.
I belong to facebook, but VERY seldom enter anything because of the very problem you are discussing. I have had serious doubts about this new healthcare bill and have spent most of my time away from blogs because of the vehemence expressed on both sides.
Thanks for the opportunity to express my opinion. Biene Vallee
trailbee said…
Thanks for the reply. My Canadian sister read it and did answer. I have privatized my other blog. You have made me think.
judie said…
Sioux, everyone is entitled to their own opinion as you know. To become angry because someone does not agree with you is pointless. If those who said so don't want to be your friend any more because your opinion differs from theirs, then they were never your friends to begin with, just acquaintances. And if they display anger, then you don't even need them in your life. We have enough stressors without that. xoxoxo

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