Mary Did You Know?

Listen and watch and think and pray!


PEA said…
Beautiful..absolutely beautiful, Sue. Are those scenes from The Nativity? I haven't seen that movie yet but plan on going to rent it next week. That song has always been one of my favourites. Hope all is well with you dear Sue! xoxo
Susie said…
One of my favorites too! Hope your are enjoying this wonderful time of year.
artbrat said…
One of my favorite newer Christmas songs. The video lead is wonderful imagery to remind us of His works. Thank you.
you're lovely family is such a treasure Sioux. I loved this, even though Im not a christian. It does touch my soul and the spirit of the piece is lovely..

Beautiful post, peace, Kai xx
altermyworld said…
This is my all time favorite song. Thank you for sharing.
Dawn said…
My current favorite Christmas song. We sang that cantata a few years ago - would love to do it again.
Flassie's Fil'a said…
Came by to Wish You a Happy
Birthday!!! Kai announce it at Violette's!!!

So I'll play the Fiddle,
and Mandoline for you,
sing a Happy Birthday Day
song, and May Your Wish
and all Your Dreams Come True!!!

Have a Merry Blessed Christmas
and a Happy Blessed New Year
to Raf and Sioux!!!

Happy Birthday To You Too Sioux!!!
Naturegirl said…
Siox I am here to wish you
((((((HAPPY BIRTHDAY!))))) hugs hop along NG ....

you know me as naturegirl...LOTS has been going on in my life Siox since I last visited.
I am looking forward to seeing YOU in Sedona with the glitter sisters!!! Yes I'm there then!!!
Have the Happiest Day and eat lots of cake and may your birthday wish come true!!Peace
Naturegirl said…
OPPs...I meant to type ~SIOUX~
I've come to wish you a very Happy Birthday dear Sioux! I hope it's full of family love and celebration!

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