Off to Wimberley

We're off the Wimberley, Texas, to the 8th annual TX Gathering of rmmga members. Plan to eat a lot of good food, visit with family, do a wine tasting or two, get a massage, and listen to lots of great acoustic guitar music. Will post photos as I can!


Bye1 Have a wonderful time! Miss you already!
have a wonderful and enchanted time.
peace, Kai xx
Robyn said…
Have a great time and take lots of photos. Maybe you could even try a video or two and join me on YouTube :-)
Terry said…
Have a good time Sioux
Nothin' better than to get together with the family!
And with lots of music too!!!
Have a great time!...Love Terry
PEA said…
Be SAFE and have FUN!!! Looking forward to hearing all about this trip and I know you'll have wonderful pictures to show us:-) xoxo
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Can't wait to hear all about it...
Susie Q said…
Have a sweet time dear Sioux!! I am betting you will do just that!\

We will all be waiting to hear all about it!

Warm Hugs,
giggles said…
Hope you're having fun!

Hugs Sherrie
Gemma said…
Have a good time Souix!!!!
Dawn said…
I hope you're having a wonderful time!

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