Padre Island

Yesterday we went on the ferry from Aransas Pass to Port Aransas and on to north Padre Island. It was cool enough that, unlike me, I did not wade but a moment in the Gulf. There seemed to be to be fewer birds, but we saw quite a few and identified a couple of new ones. I did get this photo of a Caracara also known as a Mexican Eagle, taking off and a photo of the Gulf. We did see a fellow stuck in his NOT 4-wheeler at about mile 23...where are many signs telling folks not to go on the beach past mile 5 if they are not in their 4-wheelers...but this guy did anyway! I imagine it cost him a bundle...over $ get towed out. We reported him to the rangers because the tide was coming up. It was already at his car when we passed him going back. Someone else had also reported him, so I hope he got off ok. My cousin told me of a guy who got stuck on Padre and went back the next day and the car had washed into the Gulf. Tides aren't high out there, but they are tricky. Anyway, it was a good day. We ate at the Crab-N for supper, and the food, as usual, was excellent! Tried the buger place for breakfast this morning, but Alice Fay's is much better and cheaper, as well!


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