Dani in Europe

My son-in-law, Steve, is posting "Tale of Two Cities" on blogspot regarding my granddaughter, Dani's, trip to Europe with People to People. Very interesting time they are having!


TC107 said…
Sue - Thanks, very nice that you mention this on your own blog. I am glad you enjoy using Blogspot. I love it myself. FYI there is also a service I use call Bloglines which is really where I have all my links and things and my personal blog. Check out my links that I posted on it. You can find at the following URL: www.bloglines.com/blog/blogtc107

It is actually an RSS reader and simple Blog builder combined. I learned most of what I know on this site. I prefer building a Blog on Blogspot. BUT as an RSS reader with the capabilities to work with a MAC, this is a wonderful site. Check it out and let me know what you thingk


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