Tuesday, September 30, 2008

47th Year from my Graduation from High School

I grew up in Stephenville, Texas, but I actually graduated from Mineral Wells, Texas, High School. My Mineral Wells class held it's reunion this past weekend. Raf took the photo for the class. We will meet again in 2011 when we will celebrate 50 years. In Mineral Wells we will join the 50-Year-Club. We will also have a 50th reunion in Stephenville. They include me in their activities. Just hope the reunions are not the same weekend in 2011!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Cactus Monday with Teri

As today is Cactus Monday, I wanted to hurry and get this in before it was actually Tuesday! I "think" it may be a Denmoza, but I'm not sure. Bonnie and I took photos of lots of plants at Granville Island, and this cactus did not have a name. Sorry it's no better than it is...oh, well. At least it's still Monday.
I also finished a project for a gift for John's girlfriend...can't tell about it until I give it to her, and Raf is now working on his part of the project. Tomorrow I will post a reunion photo from my Mineral Wells High School Class of 1961. Then I'll go back to the trip!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Vol 5, Vancouver BC

Vancouver is a most cosmopolitan city...with every ethnic group and every sort of food. As I looked at the skyline, it reminded me very much of photographs of Asian cities I have seen in books and on television. And there is certainly an Asian element to the city of Vancouver...but it is well mixed with all other groups. The city is absolutely beautiful. Many of these photos show a bright blue sky, but I understand that it is cloudy and rains a great deal. However, for our trip you could not beat the weather. The 80'sF in the day time and the 50'sF at night. Lovely!!

Here I am just showing different views of Vancouver and West Vancouver.

The is looking out at False Creek.

This is a pub is West Vancouver...as are the next several photos.

Great pub food!!!
This is looking toward Mount Adams...which was covered with snow.

These are city scapes.

These were taken at a lovely garden above Vancouver to the south and east.

The above is an art show Raf did of the fountain. Children were playing in the water even though it was about 75˚F!
If you get the change to visit Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, you should. It is a lovely city!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Day in Vancouver with Bonny and Rob Vol 4

The second day we were in Canada, we rested. We were exhausted! Had meant to meet up with Pepper, Brian, and Sherrie, but didn't because we were so tired. The third day, Sept. 6, Bonny and Rob came over from Victoria and took us all around Vancouver. Here are photos of us as we traveled around. Tomorrow I will post the photos of the city of Vancouver.

Sioux and Bonny
Sue, Bonny, and Rob.
Bonny, Rob, and Raf.
Bonny, Rob, and Raf.
Rob, Bonny, and Raf.
Rob and Bonny.
Rob and Raf (Raf had spilled on his shirt, and Rob had just cleaned him off, therefore the spots).

Bonny and Rob showed us such a WONDERFUL time! The are wonderful people, so intelligent, so much fun, and a joy to be around.

Bonny is another person I met online, this time through Danny Gregory's site.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Show and Tell Friday, Vol 3 of Our Trip

For Kelli's Show and Tell Friday, I am showing keepsakes I got from our trip. Top left is a creation by Violette. She also gave us a beautiful meal with Nicci and Sherrie's help. Top right is a DVD from Bonny and Rob about Vancouver Island and Victoria...they also gave us a beautiful day in Vancouver, and next time we will visit Victoria! Middle left is a necklace given to me by Pepper...and we were so exhausted we were not able to do our tour the next day and see Brian...NEXT TIME! In the middle of the necklace are earrings I found in Skagway, Alaska, made by Agnes Walsky. I have ordered some more of her jewelry. These are forget-me-nots, Alaska's state flower. And at the bottom is the necklace made by Nicci that she gave me with one of her Girlz. Can't show what Sherrie made...we ate it! Yummmmmmmmmm!

As you have already seen, we had a smashing time in Canada and Alaska, and we were able to meet up with several online friends...what a wonderful treat. As Violette said in her blog, we are meeting people whom we would not have know except for the internet. To find kindred spirits all over the world is amazing. Can't wait to meet more!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Skywatch Friday, Trip Vol. 2

Actually this should have been Vol. 1 of our trip as it was taken from our airplane as we winged our way from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex to Vancouver BC. The sky sure does look different if you are in it or above it!! This was September 7, 2008, at about 40,000 feet...and who knows what the temperature was! But below us is Mt. Rainier. Skywatch Friday.

Our Trip North, Vol. 1, The Magic Cottage

On Thursday, September 7, we left D/FW International Airport and landed at Vancouver International Airport. We rented a car and headed south to White Rock BC. The drive was beautiful, much agriculture and very green.

We arrived at Violette's Magic Cottage about 4:30 pm, and we visited with Violette and looked around the Magic Cottage until the others arrived.
Violette upstairs at the Magic Cottage
Violette in the kitchen of the Magic Cottage.
What yummy food...Nicci and Marco made chocolate/peanut butter cupcakes for desert. We had salads and hamburgers, too! It was all delicious!!! Hey, I want all the recipes, Girls!
Violette listens as Raf plays Brian's guitar and sings. WE MISSED BRIAN SO MUCH!!
Raf sings as Mr. G listens.
Here are Marco and Nicci.
Raf and Marco.
Our guys in the swing. Raf and Mr. G on the swing with Malcolm in the middle and Marco standing behind.
Sherrie (Giggles), Violette, and Pepper.
Sherrie, Violette, Pepper, Marco.
Glitter Sisters: in front, Violette, Pepper, Sioux; behind Nicci and Sherrie
Glitter Sisters again.
And again.
The Magic Cottage...
The Northwest celebrates their warm weather with the most beautiful flowers...huge hydrangeas. They were my daddy's favorite flower, and they were all over BC!
Violette and Raf.
Marco, Raf, and Nicci.
Raf and Nicci.
More Magic Cottage...
And more...
And more...
And more...
And more...
And more...
And more...
And more...
And more...
Ending at the Casbah!

This was truly a huge highlight of our trip. We love these people. They are so loving and giving and wonderful. I met the ladies on the internet, and it is tremendous to get to know them and their families.

Thanks, my Sisters, for a wonderful visit!!


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