Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Shrove Tuesday (Fat Tuesday)

Today is Shrove or Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday when Lent begins. Here is an explaination taken from Darren Provine at Rowan University:

The day before the beginning of Lent is known as Shrove Tuesday. To shrive someone, in old-fashioned English (he shrives, he shrove, he has shriven or he shrives, he shrived, he has shrived), is to hear his acknowledgement of his sins, to assure him of God's forgiveness, and to give him appropriate spiritual advice. The term survives today in ordinary usage in the expression "short shrift". To give someone short shrift is to pay very little attention to his excuses or problems. The longer expression is, "to give him short shrift and a long rope," which formerly meant to hang a criminal with a minimum of delay.

On Shrove Tuesday, many Christians make a special point of self-examination, of considering what wrongs they need to repent, and what amendments of life or areas of spiritual growth they especially need to ask God's help in dealing with. Often they consult on these matters with a spiritual counselor, or receive shrift.

Shrove Tuesday is also called Fat Tuesday (in French, Mardi=Tuesday; gras=fat, as in "pate de foie gras", which is liver paste and very fatty), because on that day a thrifty housewife uses up the fats that she has kept around (the can of bacon drippings, or whatever) for cooking, but that she will not be using during Lent. Since pancakes are a standard way of using up fat, the day is also called Pancake Tuesday. In England, and perhaps elsewhere, the day is celebrated with pancake races. The contestants run a course while holding a griddle and flipping a pancake. Points are awarded for time, for number and height of flips, and number of times the pancake turns over. There are of course penalties for dropping the pancake.

May God's blessings be upon us all as we prepare ourselves for Lent. Daily reading for Len can be found at http://www.cresourcei.org/lent2.html.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Good Day

Yesterday morning Christi and her two children, Jennifer and Travis, came down from Graham, Texas. We all drove to Fort Worth where Christi and I took a machine embroidery course at Sewing World while Raf and the children visited the Fort Worth Zoo in the rain. Travis was licked on the head, through the glass, by a white bengal tiger!

Christi and I learned lots of good information from Peggy, a great salewomen and instructor, about the new Innov-is 4000D embroidery machine.

While we waited from Raf and the kids, Christi and I looked into the Artful Bead (see photos above) and Imprints.

We came home, Christi went back to Graham, and the kids are staying with us for a couple of days. Before we went to bed, we went down to H2JO for coffee and to hear Blue Valley Bluegrass, a group which features our friend, Earl Clark.

Today we are going to Fossil Rim...more on that at the end of the day. John and Laurie are going with us.

Friday, February 24, 2006

The Rain in Texas

It is raining!!! We are so happy to see the rain, and it's supposed to continue through the weekend. Thank you, God, for rain!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Drawing and Other Things


Yesterday I did this drawing as I am following the instructions in the Danny Gregory book. I was quite pleased with this drawing...I thought I had gotten it close. But then yesterday set in with lots of sadness...two friends had died, and it just began to depress me so much. May their souls rest in peace and light perpetual shine upon them.

Later I tried drawing the cat...no good. This morning I went back to the Gregory book to draw leaves of a plant...no good. That depresses me, but I guess that happens sometimes.


Thank goodness for Violette and her group. When I am feeling down about my art, they always bring me up.


This is my morning schedule. When I arise, I let all the animals in and out and feed anyone who needs feeding. I open the blinds in the living and dining rooms, check the humidifier, and then go to the Blue Room where I

1. read the daily reading in my Bible
2. pray
3. write a page per Artist's Way or Natalie Goldberg
4. read whatever book..now Goldberg and Gregory
5. draw


Tonight we are taking Laurie down to Stephenville, picking up John, going out to eat, and then going to see the production of Guys and Dolls at Tarleton. Should be lots of fun and an uplifter.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Cats know, you bet they do
Where to go, and what to do
When it's cold outside and warm within
Cats know to curl up and rest therein
To find a place that might be best
For warming toes and making nests

So look to the cat for good advise
No more go wandering in cold and ice.

(Poke the Cat, age 15, warm and safe in the Blue Room behind the chair)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Door Knob Challenge

This is my drawing for the door knob challenge on Everyday Matters, Danny Gregory's Yahoo group. I have been drawing with his book Creative License for a couple of days. I am finding it hard to see the negative space, but I am working slowly through the book. I tried the chair, and I began to see the negative a little, so I tried a table. It's hard for me to draw the shapes of the negative, but I hope to get there!!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Drawing and Danny Gregory

I have just begun Danny Gregory's The Creative License, and this is my first drawing after doing the first practice. I must say the method makes sense, and I am excited about the prospect of learning to draw better!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Ann Purser

Have you read an author who you really connected with? I have in Ann Purser. Now, I am an Anglophile...that is true, so I read lots about England...and watch BBC America.

I love it all, but Ann Purser is truly a cut above the rest. Her first novels were set in an English village. They portray the every day life in the village of Round Ringford. And they are truly interesting. But her new mysteries are tremendous. They are set in a village called Long Farnden, and their "Miss Marple" is Lois Meade...AND they are right up there with Christi, with a modern twist.

If you want a good read...turn to Ann Purser. Her latest is Theft on Thursday, for for goodness sake, start with Murder on Monday.

Thanks, Ann for your inspiration, as well. Reading your books has me writing again! Thank you.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Brother Innov-is 4000D

I am using my Brother Innov-is 4000D for the first time. Here is an example of what it does.

Faerie Dance

Slowly, slowly, the dawn creeps up into the sky.
As faeries hasten to their beds to sing one soft, sweet lullaby.
For faerie babies sleep all day and rise at crack of dusk to play.
And dance the dance of wee folk and make merry in the hush.
As owls swoop down to join the throngs of little people there,
The moon appears up in the sky
And moths with gossamer wings apply the rhythm as they fly...of faerie dance.
And dancing they will do, 'til once again the dawn appears to hasten drops of dew.


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